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Hamara Grid Private Limited was set up in July 2020 with the objective of providing services in the rural mini-grids space to include design, EPC, O&M, training, improve utilization, incubate and run micro-enterprises, and trigger rural economic development. Our primary objective is to scale sustainable mini grid solutions in emerging markets to multiply local impact in partnership with key stakeholders.

The company is based at Kolkata, West Bengal. The team consists of core members of who have worked in the mini grids sector for over five years. This team has worked extensively and deeply in the mini grid space in Gumla district, State of Jharkhand, India, for the past six years to design, install, commission and operate 40 solar powered mini grids with an installed base of 1000 kWp. This core team helped build one of the top three RESCOs (Renewable Energy Service Company) in India in terms of technical optimization of solar mini grids, growth of local productive loads, increase grid utilization, strengthen commercial viability of mini grids and lastly unpack impact at grassroots by engaging deeply with local communities and markets.

All this was in addition to achieving over 20% growth in farm incomes year-on-year!!